On behalf of the Coronado Schools Foundation’s Board of Directors, staff, and 3100 students who attend the Coronado Unified School District, a heartfelt thank you to Alan Kinzel of Teles Properties for the inaugural Coronado’s Got Talent production on March 2. It was truly an inclusive, community-wide event for talented acts of all ages, surpassing expectations on every level. Alan came to me in early fall, wanting to start an annual talent competition showcasing our unique Coronado community, with proceeds benefitting our local schools. From inception to execution, Alan and his team professionally managed every aspect from auditions through the competition, culminating in a sold out Coronado High School Performing Arts Center last Thursday night with many watching live on CTV locally via the internet.

Our thanks to so many who worked closely with him including his wife Lisa, a teacher at Silver Strand elementary, Dan and Lori Boyle, April Ishmael and celebrity emcee Larry Delrose who brought warmth and humor to the two-hour event featuring some 25 live acts, as well as a resoundingly beautiful rendition of our National Anthem by Grace Dabbieri who attends Village Elementary. Nearly 35 percent of our Coronado Unified students are dependents of active duty military and our partnership and pride in our military community was evident through several participants and their families. CHS freshman Cole Mullins used his video skills learned while at KCMS at our middle school to edit hours of video production for both the contestants and business partners. The judges were outstanding – Casey Tanaka, Melissa D’Arabian, Linda Kullmann, CDR Mike Cornelius and Dan Boyle – as they thoughtfully critiqued acts ranging from solo performances to 61 students from Village Elementary. Wow!

We look forward to welcoming Alan on our Telethon this Thursday, March 9, as well as the top three outstanding contestants who will perform – Molly Nilsen, Meghan Grossman, and Christine Umali. While Alan will share with us the net proceeds from this event, we will all remember the sense of community he fostered while selflessly donating thousands of hours to provide what we trust will become a much anticipated annual event. 

With thanks

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