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Coronado Library Volunteers

a letter from Dayle Ohlau | Posted: Friday, September 6, 2019 2:43 pm

When I asked my mom in our phone conversation how things were going at the library, she quietly lowered her voice and said, “Next Thursday is my last day.”

My mom has worked as a volunteer for the library in Coronado every Tuesday and Thursday at the circulation desk for 13 years. I think I can count on one hand how many days she’s missed. She’s not leaving because she wants to, but because new management believes volunteers should no longer have access to “private information.” What, library numbers?

She was given an option to work in the back receiving new books, alone. She doesn’t want to be alone. She loves being with the kids, and the folks who come in and talk with her, ask her for help, know her. She said, “I love them. They’re my family.”

My mom is 78, healthy, and wants to volunteer. Loneliness and isolation are major contributors for physical and mental issues for all of us, particularly for older generations who still seek purpose, meaning and contribution. Patrons and supporters of the public library in Coronado should question this decision and urge management to retain these dedicated and loving volunteers in positions that allow them to help and interact.

My mom told me, “At the library I feel I’m the person I always imagined I could be.” What she could not find in her younger adult life, she found at the library. Please, don’t take this away from her.