To the board of directors:

I always much appreciation your efforts at the CLBC, still do, and for what follows, I’m sorry.

Because of the continuing absurdities related to COVID “containment” I am not going to continue my membership. Now I can see that state mandates are going to cause a doubling down of the obviously failed policies of last spring. Another total shutdown of the green seems imminent. Sending money would only encourage more inane behavior.

In that warm, breezy, sunlit-sterile-place this time please try to persuade whomever to avoid wrapping the yellow hazard “death tape” around all of the benches and umbrellas. Those actions blatantly remind some of us of the rank stupidity of our “leaders” and incite thoughts of anger and rebellion…every time we go by. There is no need to warn people who seem sufficiently (irrationally) cowed and terrified in any case.

Many might disagree, but I think the disappearance of us, mostly war babies, bowling on Wednesday afternoons screaming and shouting and cheering each other, and then drinking beer in the alley, like myriad small events, damages civil discourse, maybe forever.

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