Coronado High School (CHS) Islander Times, Sept. 15 issue, students are back in class: “Stripping the Dress Code,” is an opinion piece by very sincere class of 2022 female students. They declare rules prohibiting revealing attire discriminate against them.

I applaud the CHS faculty for wanting to teach that attending high school is preparation for the real world, where appearance, like it or not, will count. One way to meet dress code objections might be to adopt the Hawaiian concept of Aloha Fridays: one day, ok to relax, but Monday through Thursday come to school looking-ready-to-work, not like head-to-the-beach.

I offer teen girls some grandmotherly observations: Personal appearance has real power. Natural beauty is nice, but few are so blessed. Therefore it behooves the rest of us to present ourselves as we want to be perceived, because it is so much easier to get our special wishes and highest hopes from this life by looking like we deserve them. The old best foot forward.

Coaches will say “suiting up is 50% of the game,” meaning snazzy gear in great colors set the tone for a winning performance. “Women like to see men in uniform,” is an antique expression for thoughtfully designed outer wear that makes male people look their very best. Professional women approaching big job interviews score highest when they take care to dress the part, appearing capable and qualified for serious work before saying a word. (Guys do that all the time.)

This is not about big ticket clothes allowances. I have had so much fun on occasion showing young adults how to shop the Goodwill used clothing racks.

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