We used to pride ourselves on the nonpartisan nature of our local elections.  As former Coronado City Council and School Board members, we refused to allow partisan views to interfere with running our beautiful town. Personal politics and party agendas played no part in our campaigns or our leadership.  

Today we see party politics, activist organizations across the board, and outside money influencing not only our election but the nature of local campaigns, and the outcome is ugly. Candidates that have accepted endorsements from political parties or organizations are under the influence of outside interests. They have already shown that they do not place the interests of Coronado above those of their parties and partisan national agendas.

Enough of that. 

We want to elect people who know and love Coronado, participate in local organizations, want to improve our community, and are invested in its future.  

Merriam-Webster defines nonpartisan as “free from party affiliation, bias, or designation.” On your ballot, there are no party designations next to the candidates for either the school board or the city council. This is as it should be.

We urge all voters to look at our local candidates and make decisions based on their evaluation of who will make the best leaders for our very special town – regardless of what you may or may not know about their personal politics and party affiliations.

Respectfully signed by the following former Coronado City Council (CC) and School Board (SB) members:

Whitney Benzian (CC 2016-20), MaryGwen Brummit (SB 1986-88), Julie Grazian (SB 2002-06), Susan Keith (CC 1989-94), Phil Monroe (CC 2000-08), Al Ovrom, Jr. (SB 1980-88, CC 1996-2000), Dawn Ovrom (SB 2008-16), Katy Roberson (SB 1992-2004), Bill Seager (SB 2004-08), Lou Smith (SB 2012-16), Kathy Vienna (SB 2002-2010), Mike Wiowode (CC 2008-16).

VOL. 112, NO. 43 - Oct. 26, 2022

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Candidates will stop being partisan when council members and school board members stop bringing politics into the community/school.

For instance, I find the idea laughable when, as I've heard, the current school board went to great lengths to politicize something that happened last summer at a basketball game. Then, they badgered a board member off of the bench. Not very congenial. I've met a good many nice people here so far but, there seems to be a few snakes in the grass causing trouble. One in particular comes to mind, a regular contributor to this paper it seems.

For a community that seems to strive for high standards, you definitely have a few toxic citizens doing their best to smear and bring people they don't like down. Very sad.


If ensuring that School children are taught the basics like reading, writing, math and sciences, is political, then so be it. The push to "indoctrinate" children with highly questionable and controversial sexual education should be opposed. It is not political to ask those who would mandate this type of instruction to be held accountable. It is responsible! The rewriting of American history, by extreme leftist minds is also highly controversial, CRT and those curriculum's inspired by it, should be discussed, debated, and then thoughtfully prepared. This board has already labeled their own High School Basketball team with terms that are highly political and racial. It served a political position and has caused great harm to the community and mostly the children whom they were supposed to serve. It is foolish to allow these same people the political space to maneuver their insane debased ideologies on the young and unsuspecting children. If they want to teach and encourage their own children let them, but do not allow them opportunity to teach values you find objectionable. Teach the basics, leave your political agenda to the debate forum, not in the classrooms of your children

You've hit the nail on the head.

The only way to get rid of political motivated malevolency is to use juxtaposed politics I reckon. Combat the corrupt message with an alternative viewpoint.

It make one wonder, "What type of awful school board members would throw their own students under the bus for political points and to make a political statement?" Board members who were politically motivated maybe? From what I understand, this current school board did just that. They must be very proud. How did the whole basketball thing start anyway?

Furthermore, why did the same school officials push CRT while sacrificing Coronado students at the alter? It seems like for some kind of political gain.

But why? Could it be for control? Control the students, control the parents. Control the parents, control the message. Control the message, control the community. It goes on and on, snowballing out of control until everyone involved loses. All because we're pretending that politics doesn't or shouldn't be involved. Get real Coronado. What is this place, Stepford Connecticut?

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