Several long time and a few recent residents of Coronado have written to express opposition to the possibility of residential construction on the site of Smart & Final. Depending on how the writers voted the past several years, they should have written those letters to themselves.

Everyone in Coronado including the City Council loathes the idea of high density building in Coronado. Unfortunately, the City of Coronado can do little to rebut the laws made by the California State Legislature. It is not without fighting against the high number of RHNA (Regional Housing Number Allotment) that Coronado is now saddled with the task of finding space for 912 housing units.

That number is down from the original unit number of 1,800.

Coronado residents and City representatives fought hard for three years to lower those original RHNA numbers. To understand how we were assigned that absurdly high number,

you have to go back to May 25, 2018. Councilman Bill Sandke was the Coronado Representative at that SANDAG meeting. The Board was to vote upon the required housing unit numbers sent down from the State Legislature. Twice Councilman Sandke voted for the higher number, 171,000 units for the SANDAG Region, as opposed to the Staff recommendation of 116,000 units. Thus the allocation to Coronado increased.

Please consider that the CA State Legislature is predominantly ruled by Democrats. San Diego County has long voted for Democrat Assembly and Senate candidates. SANDAG is predominantly composed of Democrats. If you are one of the Coronado citizens who voted for these Democrats: State Senator Toni Atkins, former Assemblyman Todd Gloria, current Assemblyman Chris Ward, Georgette Gomez, the former San Diego member of the Board of Supervisors who was a candidate for House of Representatives in 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom, and any other Democrat, you are responsible for the high RHNA numbers threatening the village atmosphere of Coronado.

If you voted for these Democrats, you need to be aware of the damage you have done to the City of Coronado. It was your votes that are now causing your angst over density. Mayor Bailey and the 2018, 2019, 2020 members of the City Council, many concerned citizens and the Navy have been fighting those high density housing unit rules imposed on the city by SANDAG.

Yes, the Navy has a representative at SANDAG, who explained that service members assigned to aircraft carrier groups based in Coronado, do not require housing because they live aboard those carrier group ships. Ships that deploy for months at a time. Gone. No land based housing required. Evidently the majority of the SANDAG Board is not capable of understanding that fact.

SANDAG’s Democratic board members insisted on counting carrier group service members in the residential needs of the city.

Unfair, illogical - Yes. Are these really the folks you want governing you?

Former President Obama told us that “elections have consequences.” Electing the same representatives in 2022 and 2024 will not stop further jamming of more high density housing units on to this tiny, built out land mass we all love. We can hope that a change in our state representatives will prove to be a benefit to reining in density in Coronado.

Vote for change.

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