The beaches are not safe from coronavirus, people are not practicing social distancing there and with beach closures across the bridge, the word is already out that Coronado beaches are open. Unless you’re conducting a science project to see how many people get infected from contact on our the beaches, you’d better shut them down now.

We don’t need to risk the health of our cops and lifeguards by making them enforce social distancing, were that even possible. We need our first responders healthy and not burdened by worry for themselves and their families.

Perhaps some of you, like the president, “feel” it will be OK, or “hope” there’s a vaccine around the corner. Well, there isn’t, and this is when we want you to be responsible adults. The Governor has issued a shelter in place order. That means those beach walkers are supposed to be a home.

We will see cases go up exponentially over the next few weeks. On March 14, the county had about 20 cases, on March 14 we had about 60, and on March 23 we had 230. Just plot the curve (ask a fifth grader how to do it if you don’t remember) and see where we’re headed, and with the paucity of testing, we can be sure the real number are about ten times higher.

This is science and math, and these facts are not subject to political interpretation. What we need is for you to respect the science and close the beaches now. We’ll need them later for coronavirus paddle outs. For concerned residents, if you see improper gatherings at the beaches or anywhere, call County Public Health to report it. They can close things if our politicians aren’t willing to do so.

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