It has been an honor to serve as your Councilmember for the past four years, and I look forward to earning your vote in November for another four-year term. During my tenure, I have focused on improving residential quality of life as it relates to reducing building density; fostering historic preservation; calming traffic; managing tourism while ensuring hometown business success; providing recreational enhancements; and protecting Coronado’s natural assets.

Looking ahead, my priorities include:

Managing the COVID-19 crisis to ensure both the health and safety of our residents and an expedient revitalization of our commercial districts;

Advocating for a reduction in SANDAG’s “Regional Housing Needs Allocation” (RHNA), which now mandates an additional 900 housing units to be built in Coronado over the next eight years;

Collaborating on the Port of San Diego’s master plan to secure the most residential-favorable outcomes for the Ferry Landing, Coronado Golf Course, and Grand Caribe Isle in Coronado Cays;

Developing a comprehensive traffic calming plan;

Executing relinquishment of State Routes 282 and 75;

Finalizing the Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP) for NASNI to minimize negative impacts on land use in Coronado;

Maintaining Navy relations to reduce detrimental effects of base operations on residential neighborhoods with regard to aircraft safety and noise, as well as vehicular traffic and base access backups;

Improving environmental protection, especially as it relates to a Climate Action Plan; Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan; and Tijuana River cross-border sewage.

I am a 45-year resident of Coronado, where my wife and I raised our family. I served 10 years active duty in the Navy and retired as a Captain after 20 years in the Naval Reserves. During this time, I also pursued a career at Solar Turbines in San Diego, where I managed budgets in excess of $100M and departments of more than 100 employees. I have a BS degree from U.S. Naval Academy; a MS degree from MIT; completed the Naval Nuclear Power Program; and trained in 6 Sigma, leading cross-functional teams in process improvement.

A campaign insert in today’s home-delivered newspaper includes more information on my first term. I invite you to visit my website at, which includes a comprehensive summary of my Council voting record, as well as a listing of my key accomplishments. I look forward to hearing from you at or via my cell phone at 619-518-4730.

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