Our City Council faces a difficult decision identifying appropriate SANDAG-dictated high density housing parcels. While there are many competing concerns at play, we ask the City Council to ensure those concerns are appropriately balanced.

On 1st Street, those concerns must solve for the fact that the Ferry Landing property, while owned in trust for us as California residents, is under the Port’s control and is currently tenant-operated. The Port and tenant wish to turn the Ferry Landing into a locus of entertainment – including a recent proposal to turn the dirt lot area next to Il Fornaio into a “Food Truck Corral” – an absurd notion that environmentally misses the point (both justice and impact-wise) and which restricts coastal access. But this proposal illustrates why planning for this area must be done in a holistic manner, consistent with a Coastal Commission-approved PMPU. Planning in this area must therefore account for all of these competing interests. When the current flooding problem is folded in, as well as the significant increased tourist (weekend) and base (weekly) traffic, clearly more work needs to be done.

We thank the City Council for trying to address the challenge SANDAG has placed before it, but the most critical issue at the moment is ensuring that all relevant facts are gathered, considered and solved for – with the health, safety and welfare of Coronado residents first and foremost as the Council’s key constituents.

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