The recent incidents involving not only CHS but other schools county-wide has reminded me of something that I (and many others I’m afraid) have paid too little attention to recently. Every student-athlete, parent, coach and the Officials Association must agree to the CIF’s “Ethics in Sports” agreement. It can be found (along with penalties for violations) on the CUSD web site: Click the “Parents & Students” tab, click the “Athletics” tab, click the “More” tab, Click the “Ethics in Sports” tab, and click on the link near the bottom above the CIF logo.

It is critical that all involved take this seriously. I would even recommend that all coaches spend a little time at the start of the season reviewing the document with their team, assistant coaches, and parents. And likewise, that parents review it with their athletes.

I have been involved with our schools in one way or another for the past 46 years. I’ve been in the dugout of our baseball team since 1995. My children went K-12 here. Coronado schools have been my life, and I love our district. It hurts to the core when we don’t present the best version of ourselves to the rest of the world. The adults in our community owe it to our student athletes to show them we care about these values. We can have both good sportsmanship and a strong athletic program. We all need to work together to do better; it’s the right thing.

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The school board is attacking the students, not the residents.

The school board needs to be held accountable.

We aren't doing enough as a community to hold these criminals accountable.

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