I concur with Dr. John Morton’s view against mandating Sars 2 vaccination in children. Now with COVID 19 vaccines and even mandates in consideration after only short clinical trials in a small number of children in the 0-11 year age range I encourage every parent to research and make an informed decision for their child’s benefit regarding vaccination with these novel Sars 2 RNA and DNA vaccines and against school mandates.

This is a most important decision for a parent. There are benefits and there are risks of this vaccination especially in the case of each child’s special health needs and conditions that may predispose them to risk from severe COVID or possibly complications from COVID such as the multi-system inflammatory condition (Mis-c) and maybe up to 10% of infected may experience some long haul symptoms weighed against their short term and potential long term risks from injury from vaccination.

Fortunately for reasons not well understood COVID, according to the Mayo Clinic, the vast majority of healthy children 0-14 years old develop only mild or even no symptoms if infected by Sars 2 and are poor spreaders of the virus.

The vaccines are proving to lower risk from more severe COVID reducing hospitalizations and deaths particularly in the higher risk populations elderly and those with high body mass index (bmi) and other comorbidities. However as mentioned, most children are not at an elevated risk from infection unless they have some underlying comorbidity.

In total about 500 children (0-16 years old) have died to date in the US from COVID that is similar to those that die from the flu annually. A child’s life carries a higher burden for proving a vaccine is safe and beneficial in long term studies especially given the relatively low risk from the infection to this age group from the virus. These long term studies cannot be completed until 2024 at the earliest to evaluate their long term safety.

Data is showing that natural immunity is at least equivalent and likely superior to vaccination in protection against reinfection and more severe outcomes. A basic tenet of immunology that has been noted by public health authorities around the world that the so called herd immunity is very unlikely to be achieved by these vaccines alone which are proving to wane over only 3-6 months time allowing breakthrough infection in large part due to their specificity of only building an immune response to one antigen (spike protein) while natural infection generates a robust immune response to all the viral antigens.

Vaccines such as those for Polio and Smallpox that have been used to achieve population herd immunity use an attenuated whole virus particle with all immunogenic viral antigens. Normally vaccines, particularly for children, undergo years of testing to ensure long term safety and efficacy. There is the possibility of short term adverse reactions, severe injury and even rarely death from the vaccine in children as we have seen in older age groups and already reported in the 12-16 group that are worse than the viral infection itself for these lower risk groups.

In the same sense that we do not know the long term potential complications from viral infection, we do not know the long term potential effects from vaccinating children particularly considering that these vaccines are waning requiring multiple boosts and the inevitable development of new viral mutants as we see with endemic influenza viruses that the vaccine may actually select for by immune escape. Even with vaccination of your child, these vaccines are not preventing infection and therefore not negating long term potential viral infection complications while also exposing the child to potential long term vaccine complications.

I encourage every parent to become fully informed to talk to their physician about this vaccines as they have never been used before in humans and we are learning more about their effects and complications as we go along in order to make the right decision for the long term benefit of their child.

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Since the COVID19 vaccine shares a booster schedule and extreme cold storage requirements of only one other vaccine, SpayVac (for sterilizing horses), I'm concerned that there is no way to know if a switcheroo is taking place.

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