Well, here we go again. It seems re-zoning a primarily residential small town is becoming the norm here in Coronado, my home for 50 years.

A few years ago, a lovely single family home was allowed to convert to a bed and breakfast facility. A sitting City Councilman at the time, with a personal interest in the property, seemed to bring considerable pressure on the council to approve the application. The property is now an eyesore.

More recently a beautiful older home, with influence from City Hall, was allowed to become a boarding house.

Now we come to the current attempt to convert a single family residence into a hotel. 1015 Ocean Boulevard was saved from demolition in the 1970s by my friend, Greg McPartlin, God rest his soul. He saved this beautiful structure and maintained it as a single family residence. The current owner will totally change the flavor of the neighborhood and the hometown flavor of Coronado by encouraging historically significant homes to be commercialized. If the current owner cannot afford to live at 1015 Ocean, perhaps he should consider selling the residence, located in a residential neighborhood, to someone who can afford to live there.

Why do 24,000 citizens, who came her to live in a small town atmosphere, have to tolerate the transformation of the very residences we enjoy in our current zoning? The council must weigh one citizen’s request against the long term benefits of the general population.

These are just three of the many efforts to commercialize our little town.

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