I was once counseled by the editor of a big city publication to avoid mentioning Hitler in anything I wanted people to read. Because, he said, Hitler is always a turn off.

So here we go, twice in the first paragraph. Still with me? Hope so.

Because I think Americans of today need to be reminded how that monster was able to take over a country of normally very stable, sensible, hardworking citizens. Got them to demonize minorities and accept autocratic dictatorship with a military turned into obedient robots. Accept repeated controls, until it was too late to back down. Start a second world war. Why? Because the German money class blindly supported any government, even criminally autocratic, they believed would maintain the economy they had resurrected from the ashes of World War I.

Result: German conservatives went with a maniac, until they were like the proverbial frogs in water that gradually boiled them alive. The remaining free world had to bomb them back to sanity, again.

At age 93 I don’t expect to be around to see what I fear is sneaking up on this country, thanks to the American conservative majority’s permission for pretty much anything and nothing by Republican leadership as long as the stock market numbers look OK. What about galloping national debt? The changing climate? Health insurance screw ups? Children forcibly separated from desperate parents and locked up in for-profit prisons?  The unsolved question of military grade weapons in civilian hands? Drug companies responsible for an addiction crisis? The Veterans’ Administration failures? Eroding public infrastructure as close to home as the TJ sewage mess? The huge number of private bankruptcies caused by health care debt? The millions of street dwellers? Hundreds of unattended bills backed up in the Republican dominated do-nothing US Senate? What about the embarrassing behavior of a childish, tweeting, name calling, ill mannered head of government who has unabashedly delivered more than 15,000 obvious lies and false statements?

What about all of the above, and more?

You upstanding, educated, financially successful Coronado conservative thinkers who are OK accepting mayhem for four more years, why? The worst reason I’ve heard so far is that Trump’s opposition is “consumed by hate.” As though disgust for a partisan political leadership demonstrating daily immorality is a kind of mass personality disorder.

For some years now I have enjoyed the approval of Eagle readers. I love getting positive responses when the paper is kind enough to run my modest opinion pieces. Let’s see if this not-so-modest reference to the Third Reich turns everyone off, like that editor warned.

Care to try making some sense out of El Trumpo? Or not? juliaincoronado@gmail.com.  Fifty words or less, please. I’ll report the results, if I get any.

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Coronado Mom

Well said, as usual, Julia. Thanks for saying what so many are thinking.

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