Welcome to the brave new world of Big Brother envisioned by S. Cary and M.J. Stat in last week’s Eagle Journal. They seek to solve a non-existent problem – “serious claims of election fraud” – by requiring 200 million Americans to go in person to government offices, like to the DMV (isn’t that fun?) and get biometrically certified to vote. I take it the two authors are not Libertarians. Maybe though they own stock in a biometrics company.

The only reason Messrs. Cary and Stat and the other writers who so earnestly argue for an audit of our election system or changes to eliminate “electoral fraud” believe those are necessary is that they have succumbed to the constant lies that the election was “rigged” spouted by the former president and some of his supporters. Don’t they remember the former president’s call to Georgia’s Republican governor and secretary of state? After three recounts and two audits, the Georgia election commission discovered a grand total of one (1) fraudulent vote out of 5 million cast.

The last thing we need for the American election system is an incredibly intrusive and burdensome biometric registration system that is certain to suppress the votes of millions of citizens. Rather, we need the opposite – increasing the ease of access to registration and voting, by such means as automatic registration, early voting locations, expanding use of mail-in voting (completely secure for decades in both red and blue states), and preventing the overt unapologetic efforts of Republican dominated state legislatures to suppress the votes of perceived likely Democratic voters. Federal legislation, in the form of HR 1, just passed by the house, would be a good start in limiting the power of states to suppress the right to vote. Let the Republicans compete on the issues, not on what would be actually rigging the rules to prevent their opponents from voting.

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