A letter in last week’s Eagle & Journal blamed the separation of parents and children of illegal immigrants on the American Government. It further stated that policy was contrary to American values.

First, no nation has ever been more protective of the young than the U.S.A.


Secondly, to place blame, a person must first look at the origin of the situation which is being complained of. In this case, of children being brought across the borders by their parents who decided to do that. Parents are made aware of the laws of the U.S.A., well in advance of their attempt at crossing the border illegally. If they choose to ignore the law, who is to blame when the law requires their children be held separately?

Let’s not get into the argument as to whether the children’s housing, medical care and nutrition are better or worse than what they left behind. I hardly think any of their treatment reaches a level of “torture.”

Place blame on the treatment of children on their parents’ decisions, where it belongs.

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