By now everyone in the U.S. should know that if you call the police to come and investigate what a black man is doing, there is a chance that the incident will end in his death. To whomever called the cops on a black gentleman in the bathroom at Spreckels on Sunday, what outcome were you hoping for?

Four cops showed up, one was a canine unit. I was astounded that it took four cops to stand around and see what one black man was doing in the bathroom. Two of the cops stood a distance away with their hands on their utility belts, the canine cop wandered around the park, while one officer questioned the man. When he finished his questioning, which was cordial on both sides, he walked back to his car and gave the wrap it up sign with his hand and left. Even so the other three hung around, one said: “I need to stretch my legs.” He had been standing and observing the whole time so his legs seemed as though they should be stretched by then. The black gentleman exited the park at which time the other cops finally left.

As a 59-year-old white woman, my expectation is that I can use a public park restroom without fear of being faced with a cop outside the door when I exit. The black community does not have that privilege or systematic favor.

Yes, Black Lives Matter!

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