I was inspired to write this because of a letter that was written in the July 8 [newspaper] involving an unprecedented amount of Coronado Police Officers harassing a black man using the restroom at Spreckels Park.

On Monday July 7, I also witnessed a very similar situation at the Coronado baseball field. A black man was sitting by the workers shed where two motorcycle cops were with him. After about 5 minutes of watching the event unfold, an additional three cop cars descended on the area. It was a lot of standing around from the cops with one worker speaking to the gentleman. The man seemed stressed, vulnerable and had no control of the situation. We watched for about 30 minutes before the motorcycle cops and one of the additional cop cars left. They eventually towed the man away but I was extremely unsure of what had just unfolded. If the man was trespassing, which seemed unlikely, why did they need a total of five police vehicles to handle the situation?

Black lives matter, and I think a majority of Coronado would agree with that. A huge part of the movement is the idea of defunding the police and instead putting money into efforts such as mental health services, education, rehabilitation and more. With this idea, the scenario that unfolded yesterday would be much different and more beneficial to the man versus the just discarding of him off of Coronado.

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