According to the official speed surveys conducted by the City of Coronado, motorist speeds on Glorietta Boulevard have not decreased since its bike lanes were installed.

These are the official results: Before the bike lanes were installed in 2013, the average motorist speed was 27.72 mph. After the bike lanes were installed, according to two surveys, the average motorist speed was 28.02 mph and 27.65 mph. In other words – by rounding down or up where appropriate – the average traffic speed on Glorietta Boulevard was, and remains, 28 mph.

This is significant for this reason: Bike lanes are being proposed throughout Coronado as a “traffic calming” solution. As the Glorietta speed surveys show, this is not effective.

Do we need to reduce car speeds in Coronado? Maybe we do … but installing bike lanes is not the answer, and I think it would be helpful if elected officials, appointed representatives, and city staff would stop holding up Glorietta Boulevard as an example of success.

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What does Ms. Donovan have against people on bikes? Not one, but two anti-bike lane pieces in the Eagle?

An average speed of 28 MPH on a 25 MPH street is actually pretty good. I invite Ms. Donovan to El Cajon Boulevard, where drivers routinely drive 50 MPH or more in this 30 MPH zone.

The author implies that bike lanes shouldn't be installed anywhere in Coronado because they didn't reduce auto speeds on one street. Yet protected bike lanes greatly improve safety and reduce injuries (many studies listed here: Apparently in Coronado, one's life is only important if they're driving a car.


I don't see how bike lanes will be able to slow cars to be honest. I mean, it's more likely to protect people are intending to commute by bicycle and keep them out of the way of the faster cars than anything else in my opinion. We've just got to hope that all these people travelling on the road have the proper comprehensive insurance to protect them in case some really big accident does happen because they've been speeding!

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