Would it be fair to say that the unique qualities of our beloved Coronado are passing away as we become bombarded by people who show little concern for our paradise?

Automobiles have literally taken over our streets -  some exceeding the speed limits, consuming the parking spots in our commercial areas, the beach and bay areas and occupying our residential neighborhoods. Surely, it’s understandable that driver anger and frustration is commonplace. And then we have the invasion of bicycles, appearing from out of nowhere, ignoring stop signs, and frightening pedestrians on our sidewalks or while crossing intersections. This inconsiderate behavior has become a true threat to our once safe and calm community. And now, there is a well organized group who would be very happy to have us provide an astronomically expensive bike path on our beach after the $100,000 “study” is finished. And let’s just consider the possibility of injuries occurring while encumbered beach goers attempt to cross that path on their way to the shoreline. In opening Pandera’s box, we just may find ourselves involved in a complete brouhaha while the lawyers try to decide who is at fault. And, oh, the legal fees and court costs! I think not. Beaches and bicyclists are not a match. Don’t you think enough is enough?

Please contact our City Council members today to voice your opinion.

Thank you.

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