Every person who takes time to write a letter or commentary for publication does so because they care about their subject. We all have bias, some selective memory and believe our opinions matter. There are no perfect humans. Most of us, if asked, would like to erase a paragraph or two of our biographies. A few who write commentary seem to ignore historical facts and reality. Political conviction seems to bring out the most blatant lapses in the memory of some contributors to these pages.

There are those who would have you believe that in glory days gone by, members of all political parties, who served in every Congress, were congenial compatriots singing kumbaya at the end of every session, before walking arm in arm to jolly dinners. Why misrepresent the reality of a history of Congressional and White House infighting that frequently roiled the nation? You do enormous disservice to the young who were not informed of transgressions that occurred decades before their birth. You mislead those who did not receive a good education in American history and civics. Presenting only one side of situations and historical incidents that prove your own bias is dishonest. Yes, folks should realize that words published in commentary are opinions, but most don’t have or take the time to determine the fairness or veracity of those words.

As I write this, the 2020 election results have not been officially announced by the General Services Administration. The results of the 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and VP Al Gore were not announced until December 13, 2000. The Bush transition team members were denied security clearances, transition offices access and security briefings until December 13, 2000. I do not recall Democrats in Congress demanding the Bush team have access before then. Does anyone? However, many remember the pranks and vandalism committed by the out going Clinton Administration staffers. (Ref: GAO Report, GAO-02-360, pgs 4-6.) Sore losers?

When one party’s representatives loftily announce, “The American people all want....”, be assured they do not speak for all the American people. There are over 300,700,000 of us and we certainly do not speak with one voice.

Last week I learned that, “The Republican Party is now the party of the rural/exurban white working class and Democrats are the party of racially diverse, educated (my emphasis) city and suburban dwellers”. All folks of color other than white (who didn’t vote Democrat), who graduated w university degrees, living on a suburban cul-de-sac or in a high rise condominium downtown - anywhere - and thought you were educated; you have it all wrong. By the way Republicans, are you still clinging to your guns and bibles, thinking you are educated? How condescending can one man be? But then again some folks, who consider themselves educated, believe independent is a synonym for selfish.

If you must express hatred and disrespect for a Republican President of the United States and those that support his policies, please don’t leave us folks to believe Democrat presidents and their supporters were/are all virtuous candidates for sainthood. Why not present balance? Some goals seem to be fomenting more unrest, resentment, more hateful words and behaviors. Not a good thing.

A recent commentary continued to list President Donald Trump’s numberless sins, offenses, and character flaws. I am no apologist for Trump’s acknowledged past transgressions and boorish behavior or words. Let’s take a look at character flaws and boorish behavior. In his defense, Trump never drove off a bridge while drunk, leaving a young girl to die as he walked away to seek out his lawyer. Yes, Chappaquiddick. Unforgivable. Ted Kennedy’s wife Joan, was on bed rest due to a difficult pregnancy. The powerful Kennedy machine went into damage control. That included, rousting Joan out of bed rest to travel to the funeral of Mary Jo Kopechne in a show of support for her philandering husband, and then appearing by his side in

court. Shortly thereafter, Joan Kennedy suffered a miscarriage. Ted Kennedy’s biggest regret seemed to have been that his hopes of a future presidential run had died along with Mary Joe Kopechne. That’s why Ted Kennedy never ran for president; research that. History attests Ted was never a good character role model for his and the children of Jack and Robert Kennedy. Despite his many character flaws, Senator Ted Kennedy (D) Massachusetts was voted to the Senate 9 times.

According to FBI records and White House visitor logs, President Jack Kennedy frequently “entertained” Judith Campbell, who was also the girlfriend of Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana, in the White House. The Kennedy family’s long relationship with mobster Giancana is also worth researching. JFK also had a well known affair w White House intern,19 year old Mimi Alford, which began on Mrs Kennedy’s marital bed. President Bill Clinton wasn’t the first president to seduce a young intern in the people’s house. But Bill Clinton didn’t have as compliant a press and Secret Service as did JFK. Marilyn Monroe, as well as another JFK mistress, Mary Pinchot Meyer (sister-in-law of Washington Post’s Ben Bradlee, who retrieved Meyer’s diary after her murder) died under very mysterious circumstances. The person who shot Mary Pinchot Meyer was never found.

The Obama/Biden Administration ended the Washington, D.C. school voucher program and never vigorously supported Charter Schools. Why did they deny poor, mostly black children the opportunity to attend better performing schools? In 2019, President Trump pushed for and signed bi-partisan legislation to increase funding by 13-17%, and permanently fund Historical Black Colleges and Universities. Why didn’t the Obama/Biden team accomplish this in their 8 years? Trump’s 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created Opportunity Zones that also had bi- partisan support. Senator Joe Biden’s praise of his, self proclaimed mentor, former Klansman, Senator Robert Byrd (D) is as well known as his fights against bussing to end school segregation. Accusations of racism seem misplaced.

When Michael Bloomberg was running for Mayor of New York City in 2001, he was pressed to produce his income tax returns, as had his opponents. The WSJ reported, Bloomberg lost his temper and snarled, “That’s fine, they don’t make anything.” When reporters were allowed a visit to Bloomberg’s accountants’ offices, they were briefly shown heavily redacted pages of tax returns with numbers replaced by letters. Bloomberg’s continued refusal to produce his tax returns was also challenged by fellow Democrats when he participated in 2020 early presidential debates.

Yes I mention all those events and facts to present a more balanced picture of the character of former leaders. So many have character flaws. But not worth mentioning by some, if they have a (D) after their names.

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