Barry Austin’s letter boils down to one assumption coupled with some non-facts, access to which he alone seems to enjoy.

He assumes that masks work to prevent virus spread. Source? He says that the coronavirus has killed over 11,000 and is killing at a rate of 900 a day. As Colorado found out by looking at the actual mortality figures, pre-existing conditions were the proximate cause in a large number of so called fatal cases. Has Mr. Austin done the similar research, or is he falling for press scare-mongering which tells us one day that 400 million vaccine doses are on their way to the EU from Astra Zeneca, and today that it will be a “miracle” if a vaccine can be found within a year?

Finally I wonder what Mr Austin would say about the no doubt unauthorizable and semi-clandestine Coronado High School ceremony? I would call Mayor Bailey a modern Henry David Thoreau, and all who participated, Americans in the best tradition.

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