Let’s face it, it’s been quite a year.

When it was time to discuss the 2020 Annual Artisans’ Alley Craft Fair, uncertainty hung in the air. A huge fundraiser for the Coronado Band & Choir Boosters, Artisans’ Alley is also a day for our students to display their talents. Knowing that performances were out of the question, and that “fundraiser” would not be an accurate description for this year’s event, we chose to move forward. Our sole purpose? To bring some cheer to the community this holiday season. We are happy to say that our efforts paid off! It was a beautiful day, everyone was respectful of the rules, and many smiles could be sensed beneath the masks.

And so, we thank you! Thank you to the many people within the City of Coronado that helped make this event possible. Thanks to the many vendors that had their beautiful, handmade wares available for us to splurge on. And, finally, thanks to the many shoppers that came out to support those small businesses in such a difficult time. In addition to supporting our vendors, your generous donations ensured that we did not lose money hosting this event. Instead, you put the “fun” in fundraiser! Once again, we thank you. For additional information about our vendors, and to shop a little more, we invite you to visit our website http://coronadoartisansalley.weebly.com. We look forward to seeing you at Artisans’ Alley 2021!


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