I want to start by saying that the COVID 19 Pandemic has been and continues to be a serious health problem for our community. My heart goes out to all those who have contracted the virus and to those who have lost loved ones.

Having said that, the fear mongers in our government, big pharma and big media are beginning to turn our country into something resembling 1930s Germany. As an example, forcing Americans to accept this vaccine as a condition of employment is anathema to many Americans. Forcing our children to cover their faces with masks for hours during school or face expulsion when their chances of contracting this virus are minuscule. Further, their chances of actually dying from this virus is even more remote. We have given up so much of our liberty so easily in the name of “safety.” History has shown us that tyrannical governments will use any excuse to amass more and more power. History has also shown us that these same tyrannical governments will use citizens against each other in order to secure their power.

We have now reached that point where citizens are turning against citizens. Imagine a world where you would be prevented from participating in outdoor athletic activities unless you agree to show your papers proving your vaccine status. If I had told you two short years ago that this would become a requirement, most of you would have laughed. This would never happen in a free America you would say. Yet that is exactly what happened to me recently right here in Coronado.

I recently joined a group of ladies to play tennis at the Cays Tennis Center. My first day playing with my new tennis partners, I had a brief conversation with one of the ladies I had just met. She almost immediately asked me if I had been vaccinated. I was completely taken aback at the question. I thought we were here to enjoy a game of tennis, outdoors. After collecting my thoughts I responded that I don’t discuss my health issues with anyone except my doctor and I just want to play tennis. I assumed that she agreed to respect my right to keep my personal health data private and that would be the end of it.

The next day I hosted a party for my new friends at my home where we all had a lovely time and the issue of anyone’s vaccine status was never mentioned. A day or two later, I received an email from the tennis coordinator, stating that she had heard I hadn’t been vaccinated and therefore would no longer be welcome to play tennis. Mind you, she doesn’t know my vaccine status, nor does she know the vaccine status of any of the other ladies in the group, ladies that have been playing together for some time. She simply assumed I hadn’t been vaccinated based on gossip. Furthermore, she sent an e-mail to the entire group of ladies stating that everyone in the group would now need to show proof of vaccine before being allowed to play in “her group.”

Her reasoning was that several women in the group, including herself, had health concerns and don’t want to be around the unvaccinated. Don’t they know they come in contact every day with the unvaccinated. The latest statistics indicate that about one third of the population in the US have not been vaccinated. Do they require everyone at Vons to show proof of their vaccine status before shopping for groceries? If their reasoning for not requiring everyone at Vons to show proof of their vaccine status is that they wear a mask while shopping, then why not wear a mask to play tennis? After all, masks have proven to stop the spread of COVID.

There was no consideration for people who may have religious reasons for not getting vaccinated or for those among us that have natural immunity as a result of getting and recovering from COVID. Many prominent physicians believe that natural immunity is stronger than the vaccine. Further, there doesn’t seem to be any understanding that those who have been vaccinated can and do contract the virus and infect others who have also been vaccinated.

I understand people are scared if they have underlying health issues, but why force everyone to disclose their personal health status? If they are that concerned about their safety the only way they can be truly safe is to stay home. I have to ask, where are we headed with this? Will we next require the unvaccinated to wear a scarlet letter? Sounds absurd, but I’m telling you we are on a very slippery slope! If you don’t believe me take a look at what is happening in Australia.

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