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Another Season Of Our Discontent

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Posted: Friday, December 13, 2019 4:12 pm

With apologies to John Steinbeck, we are about to experience another winter of our discontent. The holiday season, a season of good will to all, is upon us but there is precious little good will in evidence. It’s not too early to reflect on the accomplishments of the year just concluding. For the Democrat party, accomplishments were few except that they managed to cobble together articles of impeachment in an attempt to remove a duly-elected president less than eleven months before a national election would leave that decision with the voters where it belongs. This extraordinary action by the House of Representatives for only the third time in our history will further divide our already deeply divided nation. It is, furthermore, a waste of time and expense because the effort will fail in the GOP-controlled Senate.

Moreover, Democrats know full well that it will fail which makes their action all the more willful. The decision to impeach was a purely partisan act of revenge against a president who committed the sin of defeating their anointed candidate who was supposed to win because, well, it was her turn. Please don’t whine that she won the nationwide popular vote. That’s the booby prize. We don’t elect our presidents that way. To win, you must win the popular vote in enough states to gain a majority of the electoral votes. Our founders designed it that way to avoid giving total power to the few most populous states in order to encourage the less-populous states to join the union. We are, remember, a union of states, not individuals. Don’t expect the folks in the flyover states to ever agree to changing that system.

Did President Donald Trump commit impeachable offenses? We could debate that forever without agreeing. Bill Clinton lied to a Grand Jury under oath which is a felony and he was not convicted. He also engaged in oral sex with an intern in the Oval Office. Donald Trump, for all his many faults, has not been charged with a felony to my knowledge. So what kind of behavior rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors? Apparently, Democrats believe it’s whatever they say does.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said not long ago that she did not favor taking the serious step of impeaching a president without some degree of bi-partisan agreement. Not one Republican member voted for impeachment; not a single one. Yet Ms. Pelosi caved in and gave impeachment the green light. Why? Isn’t it obvious? She doubts that any of the Democrats contenders for the nomination can defeat the incumbent who is presiding over a booming economy and record low unemployment. And for all his faults, he has delivered on most of the promises that got him elected. Who in their right mind, beside the young and naïve, would trust this economy to the likes of leftists like Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren or to a bumbling former Vice-president who couldn’t even win the endorsement of his former boss? Isn’t that why former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending a fortune in a last minute attempt to win the nomination? He knows the wealth tax would be an economic disaster for the nation.

I believe that many politicians today have forgotten, if they ever knew, that they were elected to serve their constituents and the communities they represent, not to further their own careers. What has this Democrat-controlled House done this past year to serve the people they represent and the nation? It has been the least productive of any congress that I can recall, pre-occupied as it has been with impeaching the president. I count that as an abuse of power which is, ironically, what they are charging the president with. Impeachment was designed as a last resort to save the nation from a corrupt, incompetent president. Whatever his faults may be, Mr. Trump is not incompetent and corruption is in the eye of the beholder.

By abusing their power in a purely partisan attempt to remove a duly-elected president from office less than a year before we an election which would give the people that choice, Democrats in the House are truly playing with fire. They are solidifying Trump’s populist base and ensuring his re-election. They have trivialized the impeachment process for political purposes and have abused their power. The bitterness, rancor and discontent they have created will not fade soon and will only invite retaliation against the next Democrat president. My sense is that the patience of the people and their tolerance of politicians who refuse to work together for the greater good is wearing very thin. Democrats will do well to remember that it was anger and dissatisfaction with politics as usual that got Donald Trump elected in the first place.

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