The instigator in the tortilla-throwing incident is a 40 year old Latino adult who brought the tortillas to the event. He was also an active member of the Coronado Democrat Club which has as part of its agenda forcing the fraudulent 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory on our schools.

This troublemaker is also an SEIU Union local president and his Twitter feed is a tribute page to the Marxist Trotskyite Socialist Equality Party ( which wants to end property rights and free enterprise in America. His actions have subjected Coronado’s innocent high school basketball players and cheerleaders to charges of racism.

The Coronado school board has folded like a cheap camera at the first cry of “racism” from the political left. All of the usual suspects have piled on. Democrat elected officials including Senator Ben Hueso and Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez have called for Coronado’s basketball players to be stripped of their title.

And over the weekend three dozen ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter demonstrators briefly blocked traffic, chanting “No KKK, no fascist USA,“ while carrying a large Mexican flag and an ANTIFA banner down Orange Avenue.

I have served in the Navy or lived in Coronado since 1978. My parents lived here and died here. I have never seen a discriminatory act or heard an unkind word against anyone. Yet, this is what the left is bringing to our doorsteps on the eve of our Fourth of July celebration.

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Well written Mike. We can now very easily see, yet again, what a rush to judgement looks like. I'm glad to read of your insistence on the truth. Shame on Lee Pontes for calling our team and those boys racist, colorist and classist. Perhaps a libel suit is in order.

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