On June 20, you sent out a letter essentially accusing the Boys Basketball team, their families and supporters, and community members of “colorism, classism and racism.”

Two months later, at the August Board meeting, the school board voted to modify the letter (although it was opposed by Whitney Antrim and Esther Valdez Clayton) to exclude the unjustified accusations of racism. The board also directed the superintendent to write an apology letter to the team and the community and to bring it to the September board meeting.

Apparently, this letter was never written. The superintendent did not present a letter at either the September or October meetings, nor was the issue included on the board agendas. Therefore, I am re-submitting to you a proposed letter that is consistent with the direction you gave the superintendent. In light of your prior libelous accusations of racism, sending out sud a letter is the ethical and right thing to do.

Suggested letter:

Dear Members of the Coronado Boys Basketball Team and Community:

We are very sorry that we reacted so hastily and without an investigation after tortillas were thrown at the CIF basketball game on June 19, 2021. We never should have suggested that our players and community members are “racist, colorists and classists.” We should have identified Luke Serna, a 40-year-old Latino, activist, union member and UCSB alum, as the person who brought the tortillas to the game and told the students to throw them.

After interviewing team members, parents, coaches, investigators from both schools, and watching videos taken after the game, it is apparent that unsportsmanlike conduct from some of the adults int he gym was the cause of the ruckus. We acknowledge that the tortilla throwing was not about race, but rather reflected charged emotions and immature behaviors from adults on both side of the gym.

In fact, Coronado is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. The community is diverse and kind, generous and inclusive. Again, we regret our rushing to judgment and sending out such an inflammatory letter - that has resulted in so much hurt and divisiveness in Coronado.


Karl Mueller, Superintendent

Coronado School Board Members

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They are unapologetically hateful and corrupt.

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