Dear Neighbors:

This is a response to Mr. Fabiszak’s open letter to CUSD Board President Pontes in the September 15-21 Eagle & Journal. I will address one at a time those items referring to me: Mr. Fabiszak says I spent 10 minutes “mostly criticizing” We The Parents Coronado (WPTC) and that is not true. During my presentation, I simply asked questions about WTPC and its origins, affiliations, funding and supporters. I feel the residents of Coronado have a right to know who is really behind a group whose members verbally attack school board members, teachers, the administration, and even students.

Mr. Fabiszak claims I am a politician, but nothing could be further from the truth. I haven’t run for any office in over 40 years and I do not ever intend to. I will admit to being educated and informed though.

Mr. Fabiszak asserts WTPC is just a group of parents and grandparents of children attending school in the Coronado Unified School District, but other than Mr. Fabiszak we still do not know who is in this group or whether the members are indeed parents and grandparents of school children. Why not make the list of members public if all they are is our neighbors? Why must they hide their identities?

Mr. Fabiszak next says the link on the old WTPC website to The American Citadel website and Zack Strong’s blog was inadvertent due to linking to an “innocent sounding article about the Declaration of Independence”. I might believe that if it weren’t for the fact this innocent article supports a violent revolution against the US government (shades of the 1/6 insurrection) and the additional fact that Fabiszak is a computer data expert and presumably knows all about checking sources before linking to them.

Mr. Fabiszak then claims not to know who the Three Percenters are, but he offers no explanation why people attending a press conference involving WTPC were wearing Three Percenter gear and standing right behind him at the podium. One would hope a retired Naval officer would be a bit more aware of who the domestic terror groups are and would be as curious as I am why they were showing up at press conferences here.

Mr. Fabiszak then points out I called members of his group “enemies” at a June board meeting and on this count, he is correct. If you oppose a fundamental belief like majority rule; if you support the ugly, hate filled, rhetoric of The American Citadel and Zack Strong; if you attack board members, their families, teachers, the administration, and students; if you promote claims asserting CUSD teaches Critical Race Theory when such a curriculum does not even exist, then yes, as sad as it is, we are indeed enemies.

In closing, I should point out Mr. Fabiszak’s letter did not respond to all the questions I posed at the September board meeting: Who is funding this group? Why is this group’s Facebook page private? What is the connection between WTPC and Citizens for Renewing America? What is the relationship between WTPC and the many other “We The Parents” groups disrupting school board meetings all over America? If WTPC is so supportive of teachers and educators, why did the original WTPC website contain a tab asking students to spy on and report teachers?

Maybe he can respond next week, question by question, and educate the community more completely about WTPC.

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