Dear President Pontes, Superintendent Mueller, and the CUSD Board of Trustees,

It is my understanding you all were elected to work for and represent the school district of Coronado. You were not elected to represent me, or speak for me or the approximately 24,000 residents of the City of Coronado. Yet, audacious statements from several members of the Coronado Unified School District (CUSD) Board of Trustees presume to accuse the Coronado Boys Basketball team, their families and supporters, and community members, of colorism, classism and racism. To sully the reputation of the entire school population, as well as the community of Coronado, is shameful. So I say, shame on you. You owe the residents of Coronado, and especially the students of the Coronado School District, who’s best interests you profess to represent, the most abject apology. It seems the educators and administrators of CUSD have been less than perfect in observing and correcting past transgressions. I am sure you will work to improve.

I was curious as to why Trustee Ester Valdes Clayton addressed those assembled at the June 22nd CUSD meeting in Spanish. I was also surprised when Marely Rameriz, member of InclusioNado’s steering committee, recently gave a public speech of apology to the Escondido school students and parents, also in Spanish. Every person who has spoken on behalf of, or representing the Orange Glen team and supporters has spoken perfectly clear English. Why do these two apologists presume students and residents of Escondido do not understand or speak English? Does this show their own proclivity to presume folks with Latin or Hispanic surnames living in Escondido do not speak or understand English? Might this be an example of classism or racism or colorism? After researching, I am able to let you all know that “0% of the households in Escondido, CA speak a non-English language at home as their primary language.” ( Coincidently, “0% of the households in Coronado, CA speak a non-English language at home as their primary language.”( Perhaps, out of respect for all and in consideration of time, future discussions regarding the Orange Glen/Coronado basketball games can be conducted solely in English, since that seems to be everyone’s predominant language.

We must all strive to improve and put forth our better selves in all aspects of life. America’s Constitution states, “in order to create a more perfect Union.” Our founders knew we were not perfect. The many amendments to our Constitution are proof we continue to strive to become a more perfect union. Does bias exist in Coronado and even in Escondido? Could every community strive to improve? Coronado does do the work to become more perfect and our many service organizations and charities are a testament to that fact. If those who fail to acknowledge Coronado’s systemic goodness know of a completely unbiased community, please identify it. Where is that perfect place where never a discouraging word is heard?

Those who claim to want to teach, and preach anti-racism, are promoting the most racist propaganda. How awful to teach innocent pre-schoolers and elementary school children to judge their families and schoolmates based upon the color of their skin. That these young children should be taught to see their families and those around them as either the oppressors or the oppressed because of flesh color is detrimental to their emotional and intellectual well being. Judgement by color is the very definition of racism. Some CUSD Board members, the Equity Committee, InclusioNado and other Coronado supporters of CRT, ADL’s No Place for Hate indoctrination, appear to be promoting racism. I choose to believe that is not their intent. I could be wrong.

I heartily support President Pontes and the CUSD Board of Trustees in their efforts to have the CIF’s hasty, uninformed decision to revoke the Islander Boys Basketball CIF Championship title overturned. The unreasonable punitive punishments placed on the entire athletic program and the school is unprecedented. The Coronado Islander team, coaches, administrators and school students have been unfairly tarnished because of the foolish actions of one CHS alum and a few angry adults from both Orange Glen and Coronado. Imperfect humans. Hopefully a fair and thorough investigation is now being conducted. Too many hasty decisions were made by too many uninformed people.


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