Dear Mayor Bailey and Coronado City Council Members:

I am writing as a concerned and long-time citizen of Coronado. Over the past two months I, like so many others, have struggled to comprehend the impact of COVID-19... what it means nationally, internationally, and locally. So many issues vying for solutions, so many compounding one another. 

Focusing locally, I do not envy the balance you, the political leadership of Coronado, must strive to achieve to protect our citizenry, maintain the commercial viability of our village, and serve the many other needs of your constituency. I do, however, understand that I and every citizen have a responsibility. A responsibility to abide by the rules and guidance promulgated with the best interests of the entire community in mind.

Some in our community lobby to have restrictions lifted in order to save Coronado’s small businesses. Others argue that reasonable regulation of citizen behavior must remain in place to protect the general health of all. There is a middle ground, a balance, that can allow all businesses to reopen while protecting health... but it requires the support and compliance of all Coronadans. Compliance with city ordinances, with COVID-19 social distancing, face mask, and park/beach limitations.

Proposed strategy: City fathers clearly enunciate standards for a business to open; not just essential businesses but all businesses. Exercising good judgement and creativity, businesses develop ways to comply with these standards and ensure customers comply. The City prudently enforces policies in a very public way... issuing warnings/tickets as appropriate to individuals (local or tourist) who do not comply and warning/closing businesses that fail to meet standards. Most important, and the only way implementation of this strategy can succeed, all citizens of Coronado proactively comply.  

As you read this, you may hear voices (perhaps your own) justifying why you don’t need to comply... it is inconvenient to wear a mask; I’m not sick; I’m a local and, therefore, entitled; “they” can’t legally enforce all these rules. It is these kinds of attitudes that will keep businesses shuttered and may force many to close. Either you are either part of the solution or part of the problem.  

We pride ourselves on being a close-knit community, concerned about one another. Prove it. Suck up your “it’s my right to...” attitude and consider how your behavior could help save local businesses or, conversely, how your attitude could condemn some to close.

We all have a part to play in these hard times. I, for one, re-commit to doing my part and doing it better. Thank you for considering the above strategy.


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