This letter is written in response to Mr. Kelly’s many articles in the Coronado Eagle & Journal. Mr. Kelly argues for a radical right conservative Republican position. This letter will address the issue of American foreign policy. I came to Coronado in 1959, from where I grew up in suburban New Jersey.

What impressed me about Coronado was the education, character, and patriotic spirit of the military personnel who lived in this moral community. These heroic citizens paid their taxes, nobly supported their valiant wives and children, and did not avoid the draft. The Vietnam Conflict was starting soon. While I opposed the Vietnam Conflict, I do believe that the military leaders such as Senator McCain, Admiral Martin and Admiral Stockdale followed their moral conscience in defending their country.

The officers and petty officers, who live here now, are experienced in understanding war conflicts, and are highly educated men and women. Some of the leaders have graduated from the United States Naval Academy, and studied at the U.S. Naval War College, and they have many years of sacrificial service to our country. As a result of these valiant accomplishments, they are able to make wise decisions concerning American foreign policy. America needs a president who is well educated on foreign policy. Presidents Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter and Senator John Glen are examples of good military leadership and good decisions. While I am not a scholar on foreign policy, I am concerned that President Trump needs to rely on highly educated leaders. Numerous highly educated scholars have stated that he is not fit to run the country.

I would like to ask the leaders in Coronado to please address any failure to Congress and the President. I would also ask Mr. Kelly to read Robert Reich, who was a former Secretary of Labor during the Clinton Administration book Economics in Wonderland where he argues Trump’s failures as a President and the reasons for his impeachment. Coronado is great because of its great leaders and their great wives. Let us as a community continue to retain our contribution to American justice issues. If we can keep this noble goal, American democracy will no longer be in peril.

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