A very wise editorial was published in this week’s Eagle. It was written by CHS class of ‘23 student Zoe Quast. We adults/voters should listen!

Zoe seeks rationality in our Coronado school district. She advocates for critical thinking and well-roundedness in her education. She sees a misguided approach to her education by many parents in our community, parents who want to hold back her future. She wants to become an informed Voter who has learned to think for herself.

To those who wish to protect our children from “indoctrination,” “wokeness,” and conversations they may not be prepared for, I ask, have you actually seen or heard such lessons or discussions in our schools? Have you found that inclusion of social-emotional focus has actually taken time away from academics? Do you not believe that children need to be prepared for THEIR real world by learning to understand about ALL who live in it?

Voters, please listen to Zoe. She speaks for her generation, not ours. She seems to understand what will serve her and her peers best in her world.

Please elect our new school board carefully. Understand what each person represents, either the past and narrow approach or the future and broad emphasis on preparedness for the world of our students’ adult lives. Help them thrive!

VOL. 112, NO. 44 - Nov. 2, 2022

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I listened and voted accordingly. Let's see how the rest of the community responds.

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