Bravo to Lauren Curtis for her e-bike report featured on the front page of the July 27th edition of the Eagle & Journal. It is a complimentary article to “The Buzz On E-Bikes,” by Chloe Berk featured in December 2021 in another local publication. Both are correct and informative.

I have been a member of the e-bike community for some time now, four years and over 3300 miles, most of it in Coronado, as it has supplanted my car for most of my shopping and errands, weather permitting. As most e-bikes in Coronado are, mine is a type 2, and it is allowed and I operate it on our streets, our permitted sidewalks and our wonderful Bayshore Bikeway. Many years ago, the first question I was asked by the Coronado Fire and Rescue personnel, after I was pulled out from under the front of the car that hit me on my road bike, was “Were you wearing a helmet?” Yes, I was, and I was also lucky, and other than a small scratch or two from pavement, uninjured, and my bike only slightly damaged. It saved me, along with the quick reactions of the driver, who was watching traffic from his right when he crossed the intersection, contacting me on the other side as I went behind another vehicle who was blocking the crosswalk.

Risk is always out there, and ever increasing with the constant rise in traffic here, and can never be eliminated, only managed. I asked someone on the Mobility Committee about the enforcement side of this equation, and was told we do not have enough bodies. I have nearly been wrecked by the youths here on their e-bikes on the bike path, as I am sure many have been, but I constantly see them being operated on our sidewalks, which is permissible some places but never in the downtown area, and each intersection prohibiting that is clearly marked with a “Walk Your Wheels” sign. As much as I walk and ride through this town, I have witnessed no enforcement. As I recently queried an e-bike youth at 10th and Orange about why he was riding over top of said sign, he replied, “I’m blind sir, I can’t see that sign…” and that attitude unchecked will no doubt result in a pedestrian injury all too soon.

As a parent of four boys who graduated from our schools, rest assured I paid for the helmet and skateboarding tickets they were issued, and deserved. The speed of the e-bikes has increased that responsibility, and it is my hope that the risk will be reduced by first education, but, in my opinion, it will take active enforcement to really prevent serious injury or worse from occurring.

Respectfully submitted

VOL. 112, NO. 32 - Aug. 10, 2022

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