The Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the public health preventative and protective measures to control it have significantly altered our way of living. The impact of the pandemic has disrupted the final quarter of our school year ending conventional systems of teaching and learning. We acknowledge that all of our students are mourning the loss of a very special time in their lives. Of equal significance, this abrupt shut down has denied our students traditional social interaction, access to experiences and peers, and their own closure. We realize that for graduating seniors, students promoting, military families leaving Coronado, and retiring staff, this disruption is particularly sad and difficult. We will continue to focus on recognizing and celebrating those who will not return to us in the fall. We understand that emotional responses to fear and isolation from our students may manifest themselves in a variety of ways; anger, sadness, apathy. Resources to support your child during these times can be found on our district website.

After finalizing the Distance Learning grading policy, our attention shifts to the fall. While we do not know exactly how it will look, we acknowledge that student learning in 2020-21 will look different than the traditional environment. Our staff will continue to monitor direction from the California Department of Education and the San Diego County Office of Education in order to respond to a variety of scenarios. We are committed to keeping our community informed as we plan and adjust to the challenges and changes over the next few months. With uncertainty in funding across the state we will be asked to do more with less, but please trust that we will be ready for valuable teaching and learning experiences this fall.

We want to get our children back with us on campus.

In doing so, and in any reopening scenario, we will not compromise the health and safety of our staff or students. We are committed to responsible, creative, and hopeful decision-making. We will always adhere to public health official guidelines and will only employ researched-based and data-driven strategies on how and when.

In these turbulent and unsettling times, COVID-19 has also provided opportunities for reflection: Time to reconsider our own responsibility and agency; to slow down and authentically reconnect with self and loved ones; to renew our admiration for essential workers who bravely jeopardize themselves to serve others; and, to celebrate the community that influences the health, safety, and success of those within.

Be kind and well, Coronado.

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