The first full week of BRIDGE instruction is behind us! Things haven’t been perfect and we are learning and adjusting alongside our students. Schools always experience hiccups transitioning back from summer but, in spite of the uncertainty and ever-changing landscape of COVID, we have received positive feedback from our staff and shareholders. This is a testament to the effort and time invested by staff to welcome our students back with a shared focus on how to best connect, challenge, and champion our learners remotely. Our teachers and staff deserve commendation for their planning, execution, and unwavering care; their effort and commitment to our students is recognized and greatly appreciated.

Shortly after San Diego County was officially off of the ‘watch list’ system of tracking COVID-19 trends, the Governor issued a new four-tier, color-coded classification system and parameters for California. Following eligibility guidance for counties in the red ‘substantial’ tier provides opportunities for cohorts to begin returning to our schools for in person support and instruction provided we follow the industry guidance for K-12 Schools and the local public health order.

In alignment with current orders from the County of San Diego Public Health, CUSD will follow a phased approach for safely bringing students back on to our campuses for in person experiences. The notification cycle for parents will occur as follows: identification of students who fall within the cohort; parent survey to those targeted students; analyze data to determine interest, staffing needs, and logistical supports; design structure and schedule based on survey data; and communicate information back specific to the dates/times on campus to the cohort family.

In order to remain flexible and to maximize in person experiences for as many students as possible in each phase, we will not build the schedule and structure until we have gathered pertinent data.

Our newly established feedback mechanisms have provided an effective and direct link for shareholders. Our certificated and classified technology support team has deployed over 1,200 student devices, and fielded over 250 questions from our community who seek assistance. Instructional materials have been deployed, schedules have been finalized, and teaching and learning has commenced. The dedication of our staff throughout this transition cannot be overstated.

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