If I were “at the helm,” so to speak, I would propose a 25 percent flat tax on our citizens and spend the following: $3 trillion on Social Security benefits, giving everyone a $500 monthly check as a bare minimum. That’s $1.8 trillion with the elderly and people with disabilities splitting the other $1.2 trillion/ $3 trillion on medicare averaging about $10,000 a year per person; $2 trillion on infrastructure to fix the roads and bridges in our major cities.

I would also propose five more things:

Raise the legal drinking age to 25 years.

Raise the voting age to 21 years.

Make the legal age to operate a motor vehicle to 18 years.

Get rid of pennies and even dimes and make everything divisible by five cents.

Fly the flag at half mast year round because someone important dies every day.

These are just a few of my suggestions.

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