It appears I may have made an error when writing that Jon Sinton spoke before the Coronado Democratic Club. Mr Sinton has requested a fact check. I believe, several months ago, I read that Mr Sinton was scheduled to speak to the CDC. I do regret the error. Mr Sinton states, “I do not, have not, and will not speak before the Coronado Democratic Club”.

Reading letters of opinion in the Coronado Eagle & Journal, I could not help but notice so many reflect similar thoughts to items I have read in Mr. Sinton’s columns. Mr Sinton writes about Chris Rufo and soon after there are letters referring to Mr Rufo in the same manner. Talking points. Some writers depend on them. One can tell; opinion letters appear in clusters.

As the mad, mad, mad world (cute, silly movie) of election time gets nearer, may all of us who choose to opine do so civilly. It isn’t necessary to use derogatory adjectives to describe those with whom we disagree. It is possible to want the same improvements, but differ on how to achieve them. Speaking positively of those one supports is a better example.

As Stephen Sondheim wrote, “Children Will Listen”.


VOL. 112, NO. 30 - July 27, 2022

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I have read often, in the opinion section of the Eagle Journal, your call for civility in discourse. I wonder if you consider accuracy as a necessary element of civility? Prior to attributing an actions or statements to another, as you did to Mr. Sinton, isn't there is a need to check the facts? I suspect, "I believe, several months ago, I read......", most consider a little short of a fact. Does not factual accuracy walk hand in hand with civility?

While on the topic of civility, is casting dispersions on other contributors to the opinion section an example of your version of civility. Suggesting others are parroting talking points while expressing their opinions seems unnecessarily demeaning and well, uncivil. If you don't agree with them fine you are free to write the opinion section but running down other's opinions strikes me as both unnecessary and contrary to your stated position vis-a-vis civility. Given your recent history with fact checking, how exactly did you determine the writers you object to were repeating talking points?

Going forward please try to hew closer to the advice you freely give others "......election time gets nearer, may all of us who choose to opine do so civilly. It isn’t necessary to use derogatory adjectives to describe those with whom we disagree. "

jim orourke

C Rogerson’s “apology” was not convincing. It allowed her to proceed with another unfounded charge…people were copying Sinton’s ideas in their letters. No conspiracy involved. Just intelligent non -conspirational observers with sensible input on the state of the country.

contributors with



In fairness Ms. Rogerson titled her most recent lecture on public civility "A Correction" and not an apology.

You correctly note after issuing her "correction" which was of the "I thought I read..... ". so I singled out a person for an ad hominem attack variety. She did not stop and used the correction to launched into another, similarly fact free, attack of those having the audacity to write ideas she does not agree with.

Apparently those who disagree with Ms. Rogerson are not entitled to her brand of civility. Here I thought civility was best universally applied.

jim orourke

Well said!


"It is possible to want the same improvements, but differ on how to achieve them." This used to be how Old Time Politics worked, where the same goal was pursued, the National Defense, the welfare of the needy, safe and secure neighborhoods, homes that decent folks could afford. But now there is a National Democratic Party and many local clubs who want to achieve results that many of us find not in our Country or Communities best interest. School officials that make Family decisions, that choose not to inform Parents. We call it indoctrination. Perhaps the Democrats of your Island can agree this practice and others like them, will agree with the other side this is not right! Commit to the Family and keeping the Family values in tact. Commit to science, and teach the children this upcoming school year what we can and should agree on in the math and sciences and standard accepted curriculums. Teach kids things that will give them a heads up to compete in our new world. Maybe if you would commit to these things, and let go of the more radical ideas, there will be common ground


An observation , it seems your first sentence " it is possible to want the same........" seems in conflict with your 3rd sentence on which seems to vilify those the ".....differ in how to achieve them."

Who is the we you speak of when you say "We call it Indoctrination"? Could it be some national party or club?

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