I will admit that I began reading Captain Kelly’s “Day of Infamy” column with trepidation, fearing a Trumpian apologia in the clever and cynical Wall Street Journal/ conservative media tradition of minimally chastising our disaster of a president while setting up various straw men and then knocking them down with copious examples of liberal failings, hypocrisy and “equivalent” abuses.

I truly commend Captain Kelly for his rational and objective condemnation and dissection of an evil, soulless and traitorous failed man, Donald J. Trump. I believe that if Trump had won re-election (he barely lost), this country would be moving quickly toward a next level cult-of personality, authoritarian and increasingly lawless state. With Trump an updated version of, “I am become death, Destroyer of Worlds.” Trump’s behavior since losing reelection unmasks him completely. He is a menace to everyone he deals friend or foe.

Trump received 74MM votes to Biden’s 81MM. However, 5MM of Biden’s total margin came from California alone. The electoral vote margin was much greater, of course. For me the big takeaway is that after witnessing four years of Trump’s aberrant behavior, constant dissembling and dangerous buffoonery so many adult Americans voted for him. Not all of them are hillbillies, racists, violence prone extremists, nativists, shut-ins or emotionally challenged. More than a few are, sadly. But most are our friends and neighbors. There is something in American society at work that is putting our fragile experiment in representative democracy at risk of fragmenting permanently. Trump tapped into it.

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