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A Christmas Present From Congress

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Posted: Thursday, December 26, 2019 9:52 am

According to most opinion polls, roughly half of Americans want the president impeached and half do not. Could there be a more vivid indication of the political divide in this country? In a deeply-disturbing book entitled “How Democracies Die,” authors Steven Levitsky and David Zillat argue that when the populace is so deeply divided over serious issues and compromise seems impossible, tyrants often emerge as populists who promise to get things done but not always in the right way.

The authors cite, as examples, Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini and seem to imply that Donald Trump might fit this role, also. Whether you agree or not probably depends upon your political party preference, but most will agree, I think, that polarization and lack of willingness to compromise is harming the nation. Impeachment, however, is not the answer. Lacking bi-partisan support, it will increase bitterness and rancor and invite retaliation against future presidents based upon political disagreement. Furthermore, it won’t work because it will die in the Senate.

Democrats missed a golden opportunity to retain the White House in 2016 by nominating a deeply-flawed candidate who was tarnished by her email scandals and the Benghazi fiasco. Although heavily favored, she ran a terrible campaign, referred to Trump supporters as deplorables and got beaten by a political novice. Her defeat was facilitated by a meddling FBI Director, James Comey, who re-opened her email investigation at the eleventh hour.

But despite being a political novice, Trump delivered on most of his promises and presides over a robust economy and record low unemployment rates. He could have done even more with just a little help from a loyal opposition party. Instead it devoted most of its energy to impeaching a duly-elected president less than eleven months before a presidential election on the flimsiest of charges which did not even include a crime. The best they could come up with was abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Seriously? It is the House of Representatives that has abused its power. And it did this “in the name of the people of the United States of America,” according to the wording of the impeachment resolution. I deeply resent this. I am one of those people and I don’t want them doing this in my name.

The action will now shift to the Senate where, it is reported, the president wants a full trial in order to refute these charges and question witnesses at length, including Joe Biden and his son and most likely a parade of FBI officials, past and present. This needs to be done despite the preference of GOP senators who prefer a speedy trial leading to a quick acquittal in order to get on with the real business of the nation which is what they were elected to do. It also needs to be done because the Horowitz investigation makes it pretty clear that there was incompetence and bias on the part of FBI officials who need to be held accountable, followed by a thorough housecleaning at that agency. It also has to be done because Democrat members of the House need to pay a price for abusing the awesome power of the impeachment process for political gain as evidenced by the fact that not a single member of the opposition party supported impeachment and the public was only evenly divided on the issue.

A lengthy impeachment trial in the Senate will take precious campaign time from senators running for election including Sens. Warren, Sanders and Klobuchar. It will hurt Democrats more than Republicans. President Trump, on the other hand, will just be doing what he does best: aggressively confronting his political enemies and accusers, just like he demolished his GOP rivals for the nomination, while watching his approval percentage rise.

Democrats must have a death wish. Their highly-favored candidate in 2016 lost to a TV personality and political novice who couldn’t put three sentences together to form a grammatical paragraph. They won control of the House in 2018 but accomplished absolutely nothing of substance for an entire year while they focused on a losing effort to overturn the results of a presidential election. Finally, they produced a sorry slate of lightweight contenders for the presidential nomination who don’t have a chance of defeating an incumbent, who despite his many faults, actually got some things done with no help from any loyal opposition. Now they are adding to their embarrassment and the nation’s by giving us this farce of an impeachment as a Christmas president and in the name of all of us, no less.

But, my dears, it’s Christmas so let’s be merry in spite of some of the buffoons we have in the House of Representatives, pretending to represent all of us. Merry Christmas and happy holidays, Coronado. You’re the best hometown with the best people ever!

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