As is the case for most cities, Coronado has its share of issues - from traffic, parking, congestion, building development, noise, and historic preservation, to name a few. However, there is one issue that greatly impacts many of the others – and that one issue is the relatively small geographic area over which the City of Coronado actually has ultimate control.

Organizations with control over areas within Coronado’s city limits include the San Diego Unified Port District, California Coastal Commission, the Navy, Department of Defense, California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS), Coronado Unified School District, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, and other state and federal agencies. There is relatively little space within our city limits over which Coronado has full control.

So, what this means is we need to be very collaborative when dealing with all of these entities, to secure the best possible outcome for Coronado. We need to have a vision of what we want our city to look like in the future and a strategy to reach that vision with near-term and long-term goals. We need to develop plans to reach our goals and be able to effectively communicate these to the other groups having jurisdiction within Coronado. This puts us in a better position to influence others to support the actions needed to reach our vision for Coronado.

While we certainly must effectively manage the areas within our control, being able to work effectively with those entities that have the final say over other areas of our City is critical to reaching the vision we want for Coronado.

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