Owner of FiveLoaves TwoFish (5L2F), Katie Kuriakose is the ultimate boss!

Imagine this. Your two small children are forced to be home, you are now juggling homeschool, your small business is forced to close, you are a wife, homemaker and then you’re asked to make 1,000 masks for the community?

Katie Kuriakose could have said no, as any of us would understand, but instead said, “ Count me in!”

The 5L2F team was approached by the Coro-Mask Campaign to produce masks for the Coronado community. The fundraiser gained extreme notoriety and support throughout the island. FivesLoaves TwoFish used their materials, resources, warehouse and seamstresses to produce over 1000 masks in a short amount of time.

From one mom to another, I wanted to say “Thank You!” This community prides itself on being Coronado Strong and Katie and the team at 5L2F are prime examples of the selfless people who are essential to making Coronado such an incredible place.

My hope is that once we are free to get back to life as we used to know it, that we will continue to flourish the relationships that we had nurtured during quarantine. I also hope that the blessing that you poured out to our community come back to you and FiveLoaves Two Fish ten-fold!

On top of all on your plate, you are still making an additional 600 masks to make sure no one has to go without.

Thank you for being you!

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