No, no, no, noooo!

The City Council voted 3 to 2 for this on Dec. 1, with Mike Donovan and Mayor Bailey against. Donovan and Bailey, ever sensible, pointed out the same result, i.e. widen the sidewalk, could be achieved for $350,000 just by moving the light standards and miscellaneous street installations to the rocks. No disturbing the street, no removing any rocks, and no months of disruptive construction.

Sandke, Benzian, and Heinze, one of whom will be replaced by Casey Tanaka on Dec. 10, actually argued that messing with Ocean Boulevard is what should happen in a “world class city.”

If like me you aren’t interested in Coronado being any more world class than it just naturally is, I urge you to lobby the council to re-visit this issue when the new council convenes, in just a few days. The epidemic keeps citizens from attending those meetings, but it is now easy to respond via “Comment Coronado” on the city’s home page. Let’s see what Casey says.

At one point I feared those three might vote to tear out the rocks, because City Manager Blair King said Central Beach is actually getting wider. Maybe, but what the ocean deposits it can also take away. Time was when high tides splashed over the rocks onto Ocean Boulevard. Needed as a sea wall or not, the rocks are a much-loved historic island feature.

I have suggestions for more practical big-money investments: underground the big ugly utility poles that cover the village or remove the derelict toll plaza, or better, put it back to work collecting modest entry fees from nonresident vehicles.

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