Sandra Marie Hoye

Sandra Marie Hoye passed away suddenly in an accident on Dec. 14, 2019.

Sandra was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and came out to San Diego in 1981 and lived in Coronado for 12 or more years. She worked in retail at Crown City Antiques for several years at the Ferry Landing, which was one of her favorite spots. She worked at Charisma on Orange Avenue and also worked in downtown San Diego in marketing.

Sandra was a thoughtful, caring person with a wonderful sense of humor. Sandra was a joy to be with and made many friends over the years. She was the person who would send funny cards out of the blue, just because.

Sandra loved all animals, but had a special place in her heart for dogs, especially her dog Maggie. Halloween would find Maggie all decked out in a costume, thanks to Sandra.

If someone was on their feet dancing at the Concerts in the Park, it would be Sandra. She was also known for dancing and celebrating at McP’s on St. Patrick’s day, too. She especially loved the music of the Beatles.

An avid Packers fan due her Wisconsin background, Sandra would cheer for them whenever they played. The Patriots were her second team.

Reading was one of Sandra’s favorite pastimes. When she had finished reading a book, she loved to pass along her books to others.

She will be greatly missed by her brother David and by the many lucky people who called her friend.

For a possible gathering in Sandra’s honor, please call Jan at 619-402-4632.

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