Anne Stone Harrington Kiland

She drank every beverage out of a wine glass and said she was never fully dressed without lipstick. She was a stickler for grammar and manners. She had an uncanny knack for sales and for landing the perfect parking space every time. She was a classic of her generation: a woman raised in the traditions and mores for women in the 1950s, but one who chafed and broke free from some of those restrictions to embark on a successful sales career. A Virginian by birth, Anne Stone Harrington Kiland died in her adopted home of Coronado on July 24, 2021, with her husband of 61 years by her side.

Born in Norfolk (which she pronounced “Naw-fick”), Virginia, on April 2, 1937, Anne was raised by her kind and generous parents, Ferdinand Baldwin Harrington and Virginia Stone Harrington. Anne was a Daddy’s girl and her father “Hunky” doted on her. He was a small business owner and her mother was a homemaker. Anne was the younger of two children. Her older brother Dr. Ferdinand Baldwin Harrington, Jr., of Fredericksburg, Virginia, predeceased her.

Anne was a tomboy and a cheerleader. Voted “Most Popular” senior in her high school yearbook, she was also chosen to serve on NATO’s International Azalea Festival court as a princess, selected to be Queen of the Revelers for a gentlemen’s dancing club in Norfolk, designated Miss Comet for her school’s annual Thanksgiving football match (Granby High vs. Maury High), and invited to make her debut with the Norfolk German Club. Anne was the classic 1950s ingenue.

She graduated from Granby High School in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1955. It was there she met her future husband, an intriguing California boy with a crew cut and Hawaiian shirt.

Annoyed that the University of Virginia would not accept women, she chose to attend an all-women’s college where she knew that she would receive a solid liberal arts education. It was at Hollins College where she developed a lifelong passion for Shakespeare. She graduated with a degree in English in 1959, and six months later, married that California boy, Ingolf Norman Kiland, Jr. He was a young naval officer who whisked her away from Norfolk to be his Navy wife, moving them 17 times around the country. Everywhere they lived, she immersed herself in volunteer activities, as a member of the Junior League and as the first chair of the International Azalea Ball in Norfolk.

But she craved a career in business and yearned to earn her own income. Beginning in the early the 1970s, she started a career as a residential real estate broker, where she discovered her manners did not get in the way of her tough negotiating skills. Building a successful portfolio of clients in both San Diego and northern Virginia, she can boast many satisfied homeowners still enjoying the houses she sold them, as well as many younger real estate agents she mentored along the way.

Having children did not come easily for Anne and Ing, so she spoiled her daughter and son. Born in 1966 and 1973, they made her one of the older moms in her cohort. She relished being their mother and imbued in her children a strong work ethic and a sensitivity to the plight of others—encouraging them to give back to their communities often. “Pretty is as pretty does,” she always told her daughter.

Anne had amazing discipline. She quit cigarette smoking on her own, and kept a slim figure throughout her life by repeating the mantra: “Bread and dessert are poison!” She loved to entertain and she and Ing did so often—always with fine linen, antique china, and the family silver, but sometimes with frozen foods. She was a loyal friend and had a tribe of them. She maintained a notebook to remember all their birthdays and, in her final years, kept in touch with all of them on the phone. As a springtime baby, Anne always said Easter was her favorite holiday and she celebrated it all year long. She kept marble Easter eggs and china bunnies in her house and usually wore pinks, purples, yellows, blues, and greens.

She is survived by her husband, Capt. Ingolf Norman Kiland, Jr., USN, (Ret.), their daughter Taylor Baldwin Kiland (Robert Michael Hatcher), their son Ingolf Norman Kiland, III (Kristin Meredith Kiland), and grandchildren Jackson Kiland, Isabel Kiland, Cameron Kiland, and Kiland Hatcher.

Funeral arrangements for Anne are pending. She will be buried at a family graveside service. Friends will be invited to attend receptions for Anne this fall at Princess Anne Country Club in Virginia Beach, Virginia and in Coronado, California.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Anne’s memory to Hollins College or the Hampton Roads Community Foundation.

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