Anne Bower

We say goodbye to our loving mother and wife, Anne Bower, who lost her fight to ovarian cancer on Nov. 3, 2019.

Born Anne Walker in Birmingham, England on Jan. 15, 1936, she grew up with her brother Fred during World War II. Here she was inspired to become a nurse while caring for her ill mother who died when Anne was just 13 years old. She completed her nurses training at Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing in Birmingham.

In 1958, Anne left England to take a nursing job in the United States. Her first job was in Morristown, New Jersey where she met her husband, Hank. It was love at first sight. They met at a local airport where Hank was working and Anne was taking flying lessons with some of her fellow nurses. Soon after, they were married and started their adventurous life together.

Hank was out of the Navy at this time and they moved to Texas and then on to Santa Barbara. Their first son, Ian, was born in Santa Barbara and Hank re-enlisted in the Navy. This took them to Coronado in 1961. Like many others, they fell in love with the island life and have never left. Chris, Anne’s second son was born in 1965 and Tracy came along in 1967. This completed the Bower family.

Anne began working at Coronado Hospital as a Labor and Delivery nurse and later moved into operating room nursing. She loved working as a team in the OR with fellow nurses and doctors to produce the best outcomes for her patients. She continued to work at the hospital for 43 years. After retirement from the hospital, Anne felt a calling to educate nurses as a professor at Southwestern College. Here she taught OR nurses and surgical technicians to improve operating room performance. In 2017, Anne retired from teaching when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

During her lifetime, Anne and Hank traveled the world together. Some of her favorite places they visited were Scandinavia, the arctic, going on African safaris, enjoying the warmth of Tahiti and visiting her family in the United Kingdom. When she was home Anne loved sailing on San Diego Bay and enjoying coffee time with her friends at the Landing. She was an avid reader, gardener and lover of dogs. Being incredibly well read, Anne was a joy to talk with as her wealth of knowledge covered many subjects. We will miss her very descriptive yearly travel stories in the Christmas letter.

Anne was an amazing mother, wife and person. Her quiet nature was humbling. From the time she was a young girl she began caring for others. This continued throughout her lifetime as she was always caring for her family and patients selflessly. They say some people never seem to have a bad day….this was the spirit Anne had until the day she left us. We feel incredibly grateful to have been a part of her life.

Anne is survived by Hank, her husband of 59 years, her three children, Ian Bower, Chris Bower and Tracy Baker and her brother Fred and family throughout the U.K. She was also a grandmother of seven and great-grandmother of one. Stella, the family dog will now remain by Hank’s side to keep an eye on him while Anne is waiting for him up above.

In the words of Ed Sheeran (Supermarket Flowers)…

“So I’ll sing Hallelujah

You were an angel in the shape of my mum

When I fell down you’d be there holding me up

Spread your wings as you go

And when God takes you back we’ll say Hallelujah

You’re home.”

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