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Grab your Quarters And Put On Your Flip Flops – The Boardwalk Beach Club Is About To Open

On the eve of the opening of his new Boardwalk Beach Club, David Spatafore talked to me about the ups and downs of doing business in Coronado. And who would know better?Spatafore, the owner of Blue Bridge Hospitality, started building his food empire in Coronado with MooTime Creamery (originally known as MooTown). After that came a string of restaurants that many know and love, including Village Pizzeria, Leroy’s, Stake and Little Frenchie, among others. But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Spatafore. In fact, he has both opened and closed restaurants in Coronado. And, that might be his greatest strength – to look at his restaurant objectively and to consider the options when it’s not doing as well as it needs to.The soon-to-open Boardwalk Beach Club was born out of this sort of necessity. I visited the space last week where workers were coming and going in a flurry of activity, hammers were pounding, drills were riveting, the sun was shining and music was blasting.To be honest, I hadn’t expected to be all that excited by a new restaurant in Coronado. A new name, a new menu – but just how different could another restaurant be? I was truly taken aback.Spatafore’s concept for the Beach Club is that it should be a place where families have fun – “You go out to dinner with your family here in Coronado. Say, Chez Loma or Little Frenchie or some other place. You eat and then, after dinner, what do you do? You just go back home,” he says.

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