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After 49 Years, Longtime Business Owner Rich Brady Says That Business Is About “Connection”

When Richard Brady opened his shop at the Hotel del Coronado in 1974 it was called Al Rivera, and Brady wasn’t the sole business owner. At the time, every business in the Hotel was independent. Now, in 2019, Brady is the last hold out.Brady grew up with style on his mind. He liked things to match, he wanted to be “neat,” and he enjoyed dressing well. So much so that at age 21, during his brief stint with the National Guard, he had his mother taper the pant legs and shirt of his uniform to suit him better. Later, when Brady’s father introduced him to Al Rivera, a San Diegan men’s clothing store manager and buyer, Brady jumped on the opportunity to learn from him. In 1970, they opened a store together in San Diego. Brady became an apprentice of sorts, learning the ropes of retail and fashion. But after a while he had gone beyond his master. He had the style and charm to carry the business on his own: Brady’s Menswear was born.Nowadays, Brady’s is an institution. (Disclaimer: I am slightly biased writing this as his daughter. I’m slightly obligated to sing praises). That being said, I’d call it an accurate claim after 49 years in business and 45 years in the Hotel del Coronado. You can even catch local celebrities like Casery Tanaka and both the current and former police chiefs sporting his well-fashioned ensembles on the runway at the annual Coronado Rotary Fashion Show.

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