For anyone who has been paying attention to the wide world of sports, it has become apparent that the COVID-19 virus has yet again had a great effect on a number of professional and college teams’ seasons. The NCAA has been forced to cancel a number of college football bowl games, including the Holiday Bowl here in San Diego; the NHL had to pause their season for a week to deal with numerous outbreaks; and the NFL has had 443 positive tests in the last two weeks.

So with many professional and college teams seasons facing issues and possible complications, it’s fair to wonder how the uptick in COVID cases could affect Islander sports this winter and spring. However, from initial discussions, it does not appear as if any changes or stoppage in the seasonal sports will be coming.

“A lot will depend on the guidance we receive from the county, but from what I understand is that we will not have a situation where we have restrictions like we did earlier this year at the start of this year,” said Islanders Athletic Director Robin Nixon. “[It looks as though] the season and games will continue as they have.”

Though there have been a few positive tests, no games have had to be canceled or rescheduled.

“We have had a few scattered cases and we anticipate having positives when we return from the holiday break. But again, I don’t see us having an issue with games,” said Nixon.

Neither CIF State nor CIF San Diego has released any new or adjuster guidelines following the uptick in COVID cases in both the state and county, but it remains a possibility that after the holidays some adjustments could be made.

Nixon stressed that they will be following the guidance from the new CDC health guidelines and most importantly will listen to the advice of the school’s health officer and county health officials instruct. But overall it appears that all Islanders sports teams will continue to play as planned.

So take a deep breath Islanders fans, we still get to watch our favorite athletes in green and white do what they love.

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Mimet the Wise

"Gish Gallop" is designed to use saturation and repetition to mislead people. Stock market up? Because of COVID. Stock market down? Because of COVID. See how they generate these headlines? Anything to squeeze in the propaganda.

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