It’s always good to start the week with a win, and that’s exactly what the Islanders Girl’s volleyball team hoped to do when they faced off against Foothills Christian last Wednesdays night at Islander Gym.

The Islanders set the tempo for the match right out of the gate. Coronado would jump out to a quick 8-3 lead in the first set in thanks to early kills from Maddie Ortiz & Chloe Berk and fantastic serving from Emily Page, Zoe Johnstad, and Sadie Proctor.

The Islanders would also benefit from several miscues by Foothills Christian, helping to extend their first set lead to 13-5, and forcing Foothills to call a timeout and attempt to regroup. But the timeout would only prevent the inevitable in the first set.

Coronado would keep things rolling after the Foothill timeout thanks to another Ortiz kill and a pair from Amy Wygal making it a 23-14 game in the first set. Coronado would then close out the set thanks to three straight aces by Proctor and senior Marlie Meoni, clinching the first set victory 25-15.

The Islanders would continue their dominance in the second set as well, as they again jumped out to the early 5-1 advantage. It would be more of the same for Coronado as they again showed their dominant serving game thanks to a pair of aces from Meoni and some high velocity kills by Maddie Flanagan.

What was evident, and perhaps the biggest reason for Coronado’s success vs. Foothills, was just how much better Coronado was at setting, as all-night both Page and Proctor gave their teammates fantastic sets that allowed for high velocity and continuous kills.

The Islanders would find themselves up 16-10, a little be closer than they had been used to on Wednesday night, but they would quickly extend that lead thanks to three straight kills from Flanagan, Wygal, and Sarah Alexander making it 19-10 Islanders lead.

The Islanders would then use their dominant serving as Meoni would yet again shut down the set with a pair of aces to give Coronado the dominant 25-13 second set victory.

However, after dominating the first two sets Coronado would drop the third set to Foothills 24-20. Which frankly would not have been nearly as close if not for a miraculous nine straight points by Coronado, before Foothills would close out the third set.

But Coronado would not be phased, as their play in the fourth set would prove that the third set was just a minor blip. Flanagan would get Coronado going with a pair of early kills to give the Islanders the early 5-2. The Islanders would again add more thanks to kills by Alexander and Emily Wygal to extend Coronado’s lead to 9-5.

Foothills would go on a minor scoring run of their own, to draw it back to just a four-point 12-8 Coronado lead. But the comeback attempt would be shot down by the Islanders 6-0 scoring run that featured an ace from Emily Page, a pair of blocks by Sarah Alexander and Maddie Flanagan, and a pair of kills by Wygal.

The Islanders would close out the set and the match thanks to yet another ace by Meoni, giving Coronado the impressive 3-1 victory over Foothills Christian. Unfortunately, Coronado would fall later in the week to Francis Parker, giving them a 1-1. Record on the week.

With their record at 3-5, the Islanders Coronado will hit the road vs two away matches as they will take on Montgomery on Tuesday, Sept. 7th, and Hoover on Wed. Sept 8th.

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