America’s Finest City Tournament ...

Coronado Islander Anthony Aiello, center, takes a shot on goal in the second period versus Serra High School, Sept. 25, 2021 in Coronado. The Islanders would place ninth in the America’s Finest City Tournament

It was a rather boisterous scene at the famed Coronado BBMAC this weekend. If you were driving, walking, or running by, then perhaps you saw the swarm of water polo players, coaches, and parents that crammed the pool deck.

The reason for this massive crowd? Well, the annual Americas Finest City Water Polo tournament, of course. This was the second year in a row now that the Islanders have hosted the 32-team tournament that features only the best and most talented 32 teams from San Diego and Orange counties.

The hosting Coronado Islanders put on a strong showing as they finished in ninth in the tournament. While I’m sure they aspired of finishing higher in the final standings, Coronado still posted several impressive victories along the way.

One of those impressive victories came in the match versus the Sultans of Santana High. The Islanders jumped out to a commanding 4-1 lead thanks to a highly efficient and effective offense that was led by seniors Max Ramey, Max Diaz and sophomore Luke Machin.

The Islanders offensive attack would only seem to grow more confident as the game would roll on. In the second and third periods Thatcher Lytel, Jack Hilinski, and Ramey would all add to the goal total and increase Coronado’s lead to 8-3.

To complement the Islanders potent offense, the Islanders defense would equally as be controlling as throughout the tourney the Islanders defense did a great job on crashing on shooters and playing sound team defense. Whether it was Lytel, Anthony Aiello, Ramey or Hunter Bosworth.

As well, I would be foolish not to mention the crisp play in net from Sebastian Palomera, who, as he has done all season, did a fantastic job of shaving numerous point blank shots and frustrating opposing offenses.

Things would draw a bit closer in the final period, but Coronado would hold on to beat the Sultans 10-7.

To go along with the victory over Santana, Coronado also had impressive wins over Troubadours of St. Francis High School from Sacramento and Golden Knights of St. Francis High of La Canada whom they beat 8-3. The Islanders win over the Golden Knights may have been the most impressive weekend play when you consider they were higher in the state rankings than Coronado according to

With the America’s Finest City tournament now behind them, the Islanders will now turn their attention back to their regular scheduling. For this week the boys in the green and white caps will be hosting the Falcons of Torrey Pines, a game that will be already completed, but score not available at press time, by the time this paper hits your front door Wednesday morning.

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