On June 30 the California Interscholastic Foundation (CIF), concluded its investigation of the incident between Coronado and Orange Glen High School following the Southern California Boys Basketball Division conclusion 4-A Regional Championship.  

For weeks now many people, both locally and nationally, have waited to see what sanctions would be handed out following the postgame incident.

Following their investigation CIF issued a number of sanctions on Coronado High School Sports. The sanctions are as follows: 

The first and most notable sanction is that the 2021 Southern California Boys Basketball Division 4-A Regional Championship was vacated from the Coronado Boys Basketball team. According to CIF, the decision is subject to appeal.

Other sanctions placed directly on the Boys Basketball team included that the High School boys’ basketball team will not host postseason contests at the Section, Regional, or State levels for seasons 2021-2022, 2022-2023.  

Coronado High School will also be placed on probation for the 2021-2022, 2022-2023, and 2023-2024 school years. For all other teams within the Coronado High School athletic program, they will not host postseason contests at the Section, Regional, or State levels. Teams must fully complete sportsmanship workshops (to include a component of racial/cultural sensitivity training such as the NFHS Implicit Bias Course). This includes all Coronado High School administrators, athletic director(s), coaches, and student-athletes. As well as the full Completion of game management training for all Coronado High School administrators and athletic directors.

In their official statement, CIF State gave an explanation for the sanctions that were given to Coronado High School athletics saying “After a thorough review and analysis of the incident following the conclusion of the Division 4-A Regional Basketball Championship game between Coronado High School and Orange Glen High School, the CIF State Executive Director reiterates that discriminatory and racially insensitive behaviors toward an opponent contravene the principles of education-based athletics. In this instance, there is no doubt the act of throwing tortillas at a predominantly Latino team is unacceptable and warrants sanctions.” 

The statement continued, “The path towards real change comes with the development of empathy for those who are on the receiving end of this type of degrading and demeaning behavior, no matter the proffered intent of that behavior. Adherence to the principles of Pursuing Victory with Honor is expected at all levels of high school athletic events and, in particular, championship contests.” 

CIF state also strongly urged Coronado High’s Administration to engage and converse with the administration of Orange Glen to help build a positive relationship between the two schools and their communities moving forward. 

Shortly following the announcement from CIF Coronado Unified School district issued its own official statement in response. In their statement Coronado Unified School District (CUSD) stated that they would “evaluate a possible appeal” over the vacating of the CIF 4-A Regional Championship title. In their press release CUSD also stated they had retained their own outside investigator to review the incident to “help guide any further corrective actions.”

In closing CUSD stated, “The sanctions from CIF serve as clear reminders of the importance of sportsmanship and respectful conduct towards one another.”

CUSD has still yet to complete its own investigation of the postgame events. However after initially debating whether to appeal the striping of the 4-A Championship title, the CUSD Governing Board came to a decision on Tuesday, July 6. They voted to file for an appeal of the CIF States decision to vacate the 4-A Championship title.

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