As the spring season for Islanders sports draws to a close and the time for the 2022 school year to inch closer to its own conclusion, there are still some Islander athletes out there who were faced with some rather important future decisions.

This past week for four current Islander seniors, some of those future decisions were made as they signed their national letters of intent to commit to playing colligate sports as they enter college this coming fall.

The first of the group to sign was Nico DiMatteo, who signed on to play rugby at the University of California Los Angeles. The Islanders senior was a standout for his club, the San Diego Mustangs, for the past two years, where during that time, he was a key member of the 2021 U18 National Championship team. DiMatteo’s raw athleticism, combined with a great technique, made him a standout.

The second senior on the afternoon to sign was newly crowned CIF Champion, Mallory Morrissey, as she signed to continue her lacrosse career at the University of Redlands. Morrissey was a massive contributor to the 2022 DI CIF Champion Islander girl’s lacrosse team. Offensively she was a threat to score nearly anytime she had the ball in her control while also possessing a keen eye that allowed her to regularly find her slashing Islander teammates. While on defense, her sound technique allowed her to lock down opposing teams’ attackers.

The third group putting pen to paper, Islanders senior Asa Valdivia, would be continuing his football career at Lake Forest College. In his final season for the Islanders, Valdivia would be named first team in the Eastern League at the Defensive Tackle/Nose Tackle Position. For the Islanders, he filled the role as both a run stuffer and a sound pass rusher capable of bringing serious interior pressure. The senior tallied a remarkable 46 total tackles, 6 TFL, and 4 sacks and be a valuable asset to the Lake Forest Defense next fall.

The final Islander of the group to sign their national letter of intent was Brenna Carstens. Carstens will be furthering her Water Polo Career at Carthage College. This past season Carstens was a crucial member of the 2021-2022 Islanders girls water polo team that took home the CIF DI Championship. Carstens was a fantastic player in the water. She showed her skills frequently on both offenses with her playmaking and shooting ability while also playing sound defense on the other end of the pool by playing clinical 1-1 defense.

All four Islanders mentioned will undoubtedly impact their respective universities at the next level, and we look forward to watching their collegiate careers progress.

VOL. 112, NO. 22 - June 1, 2022

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